Curse of the Crimson Throne

Edge of Anarchy, Part 10

Laboratory of Horrors

After resting up in the Pharasmian Cathedral, the party returns to the Dead Warrens to search for the rest of poor Gaekhen. They penetrate deeper into the dank and muddy tunnel maze, finding a suspicious hallway whose walls are lined with human skulls. After triggering the hidden acid trap with Zandu’s quarterstaff, the party cautiously moves into the hallway. They are confronted by three constructs made of skull and spine, whose paralytic attacks pose a challenge but which are unable to penetrate Ser Arlynn’s shield and plate mail.

After recovering from the skull corridor battle, the party batters down a locked door at the hall’s far end. Beyond is a large alchemy lab that is in the process of being packed up by three startled Derro. In the ensuing fight, the party manages to cut down all three before they could escape but in the process destroy the equipment in the room.

The four heroes then investigated a boarded up pantry room that holds an out-of-control Carrion Golem, who uses one of Gaekhen’s arms as clubs. Upon recovering the arm, they decide to strike north and come across an unfinished flesh golem laid out on a table. The nearly seven foot hulk is topped with Gaekhen’s head, which Arlynn delicately removes.

They then push their way into Rolth’s sparse bedchambers and attract the attention of the necromancer’s apprentice, Vreeg. The deranged derro rises into the air and batters the party with spells as they struggle to hit him. Vreeg strikes Arlynn with blindness, leaving it to Ashla to take up her greatsword against the necromancer. But the greatest struggle is between Vreeg and Zandu, who trade spells and threats in a drawn-out struggle that leaves both near death.

With Arlynn blinded, Zandu unconscious and Ashla paralyzed, a badly bleeding Vreeg escapes to the south. Egan Silentall is able to get the party up on their feet and they retreat back to the surface briefly to seek a cure for Arlynn’s blindness from the Pharasmian cleric on watch outside the Warrens entrance. With everyone back in fighting shape, the weary band trudges back into the subterranean muck to finish off the necromancer’s apprentice.

Vreeg has fled to a large chamber to the south lined on three sides by ten foot pits containing malnourished captives. The derro is angrily berating a large, misshapen Ogrekin named Cabbagehead who is bandaging him. The ogrekin quickly snares Arlynn in a bear hug and tries to drop her into one of the prisoner pits, but she is able to drag him down with her. While the two of them try to squeeze each other to death, the rest of the party takes down the badly wounded Vreeg. After Ashla and one of the prisoners soften up the ogrekin, Arlynn snaps Cabbagehead’s neck.

After evacuating the emaciated captives—Rolth and Vreeg’s “research” subjects—the party searches the compound, discovering Gaekhen’s torso and remaining arm sitting on Vreeg’s workbench, the arm periodically clawing the air in mute fury.


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