Curse of the Crimson Throne

The Big Finish

Legacy of Blood, Epilogue


Following the defeat of Lorthact and Korvosa’s return to Golarion, the Five Great Houses elect Nox and Cressida as co-monarchs, but the coronation is delayed until after the city has recovered from its ordeal.

A solemn funeral is held for the late Lord Telus “Flint” Endrin, who is hailed as a hero in the fight against Lorthact. His service acts as a symbol of mourning for all those lost during the madness of the past few months. He is entombed beside his brother and parents in the Endrin family crypt. House Ornelos and House Jeggare announce their plans for a memorial to the four deceased Endrins, who gave their lives to protect the city.

Arlynn and Nox expose Vimanda Arkona as a rakshasa and she is driven from the Great Houses, with House Farima taking the Arkonas’ place. Arlynn offers to spare Vimanda if she uses her knowledge of the Bekyar slave network to aid the paladin in establishing a secret network for slaves to escape.

Vimanda’s removal from power also finally breaks the Cerulean Society. Kyra moves in to consolidate power with help from Zandu’s cousins, establishing what will become known as the Crimson Society.

Wedding Season

Ashla and Vencarlo Orisini announce their engagement and set a date for the wedding. Nox exposes House Leroung’s conniving with Magnimar and banishes them from the city. House Orisini is elevated to take their place among the Great Houses.

Egan reunites with Reno and the druids. The gnome proposes to Faunra and the two are quietly married. Egan also gets in touch with the Shoanti to alert them that the danger in Korvosa has passed. He hopes to work with Nox and Cressida to find lands for the barbarians to settle.

Lady Valeria Endrin announces her engagement to Damon Forscythe. Seneschal Neolandis Kalepopolis appoints her as the new Commandant of Sable Company.

Two Rings, Two Crowns

Once order has been restored and the rebuilding process is well underway, the royal couple set the date for their wedding and coronation: 31 Arodus, the birthday of St. Alika of Korvosa.

The wedding is held in Castle Korvosa and contains a mixture of Iomedaean and Abadarian elements. Lady Zenobia Zenderholm, a cleric of Abadar, officiates the ceremony. Afterwards, there is a procession to the square outside the Longacre Building where the coronation is to take place.

Neolandis, as Seneschal, conducts the coronation. He introduces the newlyweds, praising them for their service to the city. He then announces that the Great Houses have declared them monarchs of the city and asks that they kneel. He crowns each of them, asks that they rise, and leads the crowd in a chant of “Long may they reign!”

Coronation Crasher

The ceremony is interrupted by the sudden appearance of a marid genie, who manifests ten feet in the air in front of the royal dais. The genie upends a small bag, causing a cascade of fish to tumble out, along with Zandu.

The gnoll sorcerer waves at the genie, saying “So long, and thanks for all the fish!”

Kyra, garbed in a fancy ruffled dress, stomps out of the crowd, kicking fish out of her way. “Zandu Loranth!” she shouts. “You spent five weeks surrounded by wish-granting genies and you still look like a bloody gnoll!”

Zandu smiles and doffs his hat to bow as she approaches. Upon removing the floppy hat, his body begins to shrink. Within moments, the 12-foot gnoll is replaced by an incredibly handsome halfling man. He gets down on one knee, reaches into his hat, and pulls out a fish, which he tosses aside.

Reaching in again, he removes a silver ring depicting a mermaid cradling a sparkling blue gem. Holding up the ring, he says “Kyra, will you marry me?”

After she picks her jaw off the ground, the halfling woman shouts “Hells yes I will!” and practically tackles him in an embrace. She quickly drags him off into the crowd, furiously kissing him the entire time, the ring already having found its way onto her finger.

A Working Lunch

After the two amorous halflings have disappeared, Nox and Cressida share a look and then shrug.

With the crowns on their heads, it’s time for speeches. Nox gives a stirringly nationalistic call for rebuilding a newer, stronger Korvosa. Cressida highlights the role everyone played in saving the city and notes that its greatest strength is its people. The crowd cheers and the feasting begins.

The royal couple are visited throughout the feast by various well-wishers.

The Lictor offers his best wishes, and reminds the royals of the debt owed to his Hellknights. He would like it to be paid in lands and incomes from the frontier. Nox suggests granting the Hellknights authority to patrol the Bloodsworn Vale and promises to talk further.

A slightly rumpled-looking Kyra and Zandu stop by to congratulate the monarchs and request a private audience later regarding establishing a ministerial position for the head of the Crimson Society.

The representative from Magnimar, Ambassador Radameer Grobaras, wishes them well and discusses the need to reduce tensions between the two cities in order to restore stability to Varisia.

Finally, the couple is approached by the emissary from Cheliax, Lazzero Dalvera, who offers greetings from Her Imperial Majestrix and announces that he is taking up the post of Ambassador. He also extends an offer from the Empress: recognition of the monarchy by the Imperial throne in exchange for public vows of fealty to the Thrunes by Nox and Cressida. Should they refuse to accept this offer, Lazzero warns that the Empress will be forced to station Imperial troops in the area to ensure the loyalty of the new regime. Nox and Cressida ask for time to consider the offer.

The Inevitable Awards Ceremony

Lazzero also announces that he is there to present the Crimson Blades with medals and honors on behalf of Her Imperial Majestrix for their role in saving her beloved city from the clutches of the heretic devil Lorthact and the treasonous tyranny of Ileosa Arabasti. Nox receives the Hero of Cheliax medal, First Class; Arlynn is presented with the Order of the Ivory Paladin; Egan is awarded the Emerald Badge of Glory; and Ashla is granted the Order of the Silver Labyrinth. Flint is posthumously declared a Hero of Cheliax, Second Class.

As the heroes stand, wearing their medals and facing the cheering crowd, this tale comes to a close. But the saga of Golarion is far from over….


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