Lady Andaisin

Leader of the Urgathoan cult in Korvosa


The leader of the Cult of Urgathoa in Korvosa, she helped craft the Blood Veil plague from a her new temple below the Hospice of the Blessed Maiden. She is said to be a fanatical devotee of the Pallid Princess.

She was once the unwilling object of Rolth’s affections, but the necromancer seems to have written her off.

The party confronted Lady Andaisin in the inner sanctum of the Urgathoan Temple beneath the Hospice of the Blessed Maiden and slew her after an intense battle. But a wrathful Urgathoa then raised her chosen priestess as an unliving saint, forcing a second battle against the grotesquely transformed Andaisin.

After her second death, a flare of holy light from Ser Arlynn’s sword cleansed the sanctum of Urgathoa’s presence.

Lady Andaisin

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