Dressed in a black cape and cowl, her face is masked. She carries a rapier and a set of throwing daggers.


Blackjack is the folk hero of Korvosa. Over the past two hundred years, he has appeared to expose corrupt officials and defeat out-of-control crimelords the Guard couldn’t touch.

He hadn’t been seen in more than a decade, but a young Varisian girl named Kel spotted him running through the Shingles one evening.

Blackjack made his public appearance four days later, crashing the public execution of Trinia Sabor to free the captive and denounce the Queen. With the party’s help, he and Trinia escaped into the city.

After their escape, the vigilante left Trinia in the care of Vencarlo Orisini. Blackjack hasn’t been seen since.

The party is currently in possession of Blackjack’s costume and equipment, which they recovered from a hidden cache in the home of fencing master Vencarlo Orisini.

With Vencarlo’s blessing, Ashla Blacktree has recently taken on the role of Blackjack, publically denouncing and defeating the false hero Trifaccia.


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