Brienna Soldado

A twelve year old girl of mixed Chelish and Varisian heritage, with light hair and freckles


The daughter of Tayce Soldado, Brienna is Grau’s niece. A cheerful young girl of 12, she helps her struggling mother by working as a maid.

The morning after the Korvosan Guard sank a mysterious ship lit with a quarantine lantern, Brienna discovered a box of silver coins washed up on the shore of the Jeggare River. She rushed to spend every last one at the Avenue of Arms in North Point, but by mid-day fell ill and but evening was deathly sick.

Her mother sent for a priest from the Bank of Abadar, and also alerted Grau, who brought in the party. Egan was able to remove the disease from the girl and Arlynn restored her to health.

Brienna Soldado

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