Clairian Arrowsong

A blond half-elf archer


A blond half-elf archer, she has reportedly taken up with one of the copies of Flint that are loose in the city. Sheira doesn’t like her and none of Flint’s friends have met her before.

Clairian and the Flint duplicate reappeared to attack Nox and Remmy on the streets of Korvosa, making extensive use of invisibility in an attempt to steal the replica medallion from the Gray Maiden. The robbery failed and Clairian barely escaped after suffering a severe wound from Nox.

Flint encountered Clairian when his soul merged with his remaining clone, learning that she and his duplicate had fallen in love. The couple had been hoping to use the medallion to give the clone immortality. After helping save Korvosa from the infernal duke Lorthact, Flint and Clairian ran off together to pursue their own adventures.

Clairian Arrowsong

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