Field Marshal Cressida Kroft

An attractive, dark-haired woman dressed in red armor


The Field Marshal of the Korvosan Guard, she contracted the party to help restore order to the city. She maintains a friendship with the fencing master Vencarlo Orisini, despite his often outspoken criticism of the government. She was also close to her counterpart in the Sable Company Marines, Marcus Endrin, before his untimely death.

Cressida left the Guard to help organize a resistance movement against Queen Ileosa, after spending several uneasy months trying work within the system to ameliorate the Queen’s tyranny.

After the successful uprising against the Queen, Cressida resumed her duties as Field Marshal. She also found herself drawn into the intrigues surrounding the Queen’s succession. Vimanda Arkona nominated her to be the new monarch, while another royal candidate, Lord Nox, approached her with a marriage proposal. Cressida accepted the proposal on the condition that they rule jointly.

Cressida is the head of House Kroft, a minor noble family with a strong martial tradition.

Field Marshal Cressida Kroft

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