Devargo Barvasi

A tall man with black hair and spider-themed black leather armor


Known as the King of Spiders for his strange connection to arachnids, this local “legitimate businessman” runs Eel’s End, the number one haven of vice in Korvosa.

The party treated with him to get information on Ambassador Amprei’s plot against the city, but it took not only bribes but Arlynn’s participation in a round of Knivesies to get him to turn over his blackmail material on the ambassador. Zandu attempted to persuade Devargo that he could use his influence with the Queen to set the King of Spiders up as “Minister of Vice,” but Devargo wasn’t buying.

Ashla attempted to purchased Devargo’s long-suffering caged pseudodragon Majenko, but the King of Spiders wouldn’t part with his “pet” for less than 5,000gp.

The party later thwarted an attempt by thugs in Devargo’s employ to extract payment from the half-elf enchantress Troska.

In order to cancel Troska’s debts and obtain funding to cure her of her heart condition, the party subsequently stormed Eel’s End with help from the druid Faunra and slew the King of Spiders as he attempted to flee the pier.

Devargo Barvasi

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