Eries Yelloweyes

An elderly woman with a stooped back and yellow-tinged eyes


Erie Yelloweyes operates a ratty little stall on the fringes of the Gold Market, selling an eclectic assortment of “secondhand” items. She is also secretly a member of Korvosa’s persecuted wererat community.

Kyra suggested her to Slim as a source for potions of water breathing. But before she was willing to part with them, Eries asked the party to foil an attack on the city being planned by the fanatical wererat Girrigz. She feared his planned massacre would only result in a general purge of wererats.

After the party defeated Girrigz, Eries provided them with the potions and told them what some of her brethren had witnessed the night of ship’s sinking.

Eries Yelloweyes

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