An golden-haired elf with a cheery demeanor


Part of the druid circle that protests by the dockside, Faunra was kidnapped by the Cow Hammer Boys and held captive in their sewer lair, where they planned sacrifice her to Urgathoa in a cannibalistic ritual. She was rescued by the timely arrival of Ashla and the rest of the party.

Faunra visited the party while they recovered from their sewer adventure, presenting them with Goodberry tarts and inviting Egan to attend her druid circle’s meetings.

The party next encountered Faunra outside Eel’s End, protesting Devargo’s treatment of his spiders. She and her animal companion Silver, a Jigsaw Shark, helped the party sneak aboard Eel’s End. She also helped them apprehend Devargo but was appalled when Egan killed the unconscious crime lord.

Faunra hunted down and destroyed Chittersnap, the ettercap aligned with Devargo, before it could prey upon the Midland Orphanage. She apologized to Egan for criticizing him earlier, saying she understands now that both Devargo and Chittersnap needed to be destroyed.


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