A Harrowed clone of the true Flint, this duplicate contacted “his” longtime friends Damon Forscythe, Sheira and Timmett Astorian, and Rodric Kestle to recruit them for an adventure in the vault below Castle Korvosa.

The clone has also recently taken up with a blond half-elf woman called Clairian Arrowsong, whom none of his friends had met before.

The clone made no mention to his friends of the fact that multiple duplicates of him are loose in Korvosa.

The clone and Clairian reappeared to attack Nox and Remmy on the streets of Korvosa, making extensive use of invisibility in an attempt to steal the replica medallion from the Gray Maiden. The robbery failed and the two of them disappeared.

The clone and the original Flint’s consciousnesses merged after the latter was slain by Lorthact. This new Flint loosed the fateful arrow that returned Korvosa to its rightful place on Golarion. The new Flint has since abdicated the family estate to his sister Valeria Endrin and gone to seek adventure with Clairian at his side.


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