Jasan Adriel

A barrel-chested man with a big beard


The owner of the Blackbird horse ranch north of Harse, Jasan lived there for many years with with his wife, three sons, and two daughters. Before settling down, however, he was a member of an adventuring party that made a small fortune exploring the Storval Rise and the Mindspin Mountains. That adventuring party was known as the Blackbirds, and the only other surviving member is Vencarlo Orisini.

For weeks, Jasan has been hiding the fugitive Trinia Sabor. The arrival of Vencarlo, the party, and the missing Seneschal Neolandis Kalepopolis has brought too much heat down on the rancher. After providing the party with accommodations for the night and helping them arrange transport elsewhere, Jasan and his family packed up their belongings and fled Harse for distant Magnimar.

Jasan Adriel

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