A thin, blond elf in white makeup dressed in a gaudy harlequin costume and toting a crossbow


A deranged elf, she crashed the masquerade at Carowyn Manor and massacred the nobles and their guests with crossbow bolts tainted by a fast-acting form of the Blood Veil, according to Lord Ausio Carowyn. Jolistinia then spent several days living it up in the blood-spattered mansion, treating the corpses and zombies as props and puppets to amuse her.

The party interrupted her playtime by investigating the manor in a search for the missing musician Ruan Mirukova. Jolistina pelted them with crossbow bolts and taunts as they fought off her toys, revealing a romantic connection to the necromancer Rolth. She was struck down by Egan as she tried to flee and Slim finished her off.

In the course of the fight, Zandu noticed that despite the mob of zombies at her command, she was a relatively novice spellcaster.


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