Mistress Kayltanya

A Red Mantis leader, Cinnabar's superior


The party found a set of orders from Mistress Kayltanya on the body of the Red Mantis commander Cinnabar.

The Crimson Blades crossed swords with Kayltanya on the third floor of Castle Korvosa, where they defeated her Red Mantis followers and took her captive. Her last few minions attempted to assassinate her once she fell into their hands.

During her interrogation in a zone of truth, Kayltanya told them that she is a high value target and could be ransomed back to her order in return for the Red Mantis dropping their interest in Korvosa.

The adventurers have decided to ransom her back to her order, leaving her for now in the care of Arlynn’s loyal trumpet archon Armaitya

Mistress Kayltanya

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