Kazavon's former seneschal, now a horrific wormlike monstrosity


The former seneschal to Kazavon, Kleestad betrayed his master for several bags of platinum coins, helping Mandraivus’ team gain access to Scarwall by way of the secret jetty below the rosette ballroom. The worm of a man survived the capture of the fortress and the subsequent orc raid, crawling out on broken knees after the battle to claim Serithtial from Mandraivus’ dead hands in the name of Zon-Kuthon.

Not amused by Kleestad’s antics, the Midnight Lord cursed Kleestad with his agonizing, wormlike form and the former seneschal fled deep into the earth, where he dwelt for eight painful centuries as the guardian of Serithtial.

In a terrible battle below Scarwall, the Crimson Blades confronted and defeated Kleestad, with Ser Arlynn striking the killing blow with Serithtial herself.


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