The master of Scarwall


The skull of a slain orc claimed that Mithrodar rules the haunted castle Scarwall, acting through his lords to chain souls to its profaned stones.

The party encountered Mithrodar when they stumbled into the Great Hall on the second story of the castle. Arlynn identified him as a chain spirit, an undead creature bound to a specific location that can chain other souls to its location as well. Chain spirits can bind other creatures to them as spirit anchors, granting the spirit greater strength and preventing it from being permanently destroyed.

The party retreated from Mithrodar’s chamber, destroying his spectral attendants along the way.

Mithrodar has since repeatedly psychically attacked Laori Vaus in an apparent attempt to snare her as a replacement spirit anchor.

The party successfully cut all of his soul anchors, leaving Mithrodar himself vulnerable to destruction. After chasing the unchained spirit across Castle Scarwall, Arlynn managed to trap it in a circle of protection against evil and Nox delivered the killing blow—ending Mithrodar and the curse of Scarwall forever.


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