Ramoska Arkminos

Intense and pale as death, this unusual vampire has a bald head, pointed ears and perpetually sour expression


An ancient vampire from Ustalav, a haunted country many miles east of Varisia, Arkminos assisted in the preparation of the Blood Veil at the request of his master, the Conte Tiriac of Varno County.

But his true obsession is finding a cure for his vampirism so that he can die as a mortal man. The party encountered him while storming the Urgathoan Temple below the Hospice of the Blessed Maiden, where he was experimenting on Ruan. The vampire hoped that the Varisian youth’s immunity to the blood veil would hold the key to curing other supernatural diseases.

Uninterested in fighting the adventurers, Arkminos offered to sell the boy to them for 2,000gp, to cover the cost of transport back to Ustalav. Ashla took him up on the offer and Slim convinced him to had over a copy of his notes on the Blood Veil. Arkminos then warned them about the daemon imprisoned in the far chamber, the last of the four daemons used to forge the plague. He also told them that the fanatical Lady Andaisin is “Urgathoa’s chosen” and would prove a formidable challenge.

Finally, he encouraged the party to go after his semi-feral “assistants,” four vampire spawn sent by his master Conte Tiriac to watch him. They had grown bored in the lab and wandered off into the city.

He left a forwarding address with Slim:

Ramoska Arkminos
c/o Conte Tiriac
The tall dark castle on the hill
Corvischior Township
Varno County, Ustalav

Ramoska Arkminos

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