Rodrick Kestle

A recalcitrant alchemist and heir to House Kestle


The heir to House Kestle, Rodrick was a childhood friend of Flint’s. A withdrawn and occasionally grumpy person, he tended to interrupt a conversation long enough to deliver just the right remark before withdrawing. A skilled alchemist, he often treated his friends to his latest concoctions.

Rodrick, along with Sheira Astorian, Timmet Astorian, and Damon Forscythe, was lured into the Thassilonian vaults by a double of Flint. When they were ambushed by the medusa matron and her daughter, the duplicate fled the scene and Rodrick perished. His body was recovered by Flint and his friends, who quietly had Laori Vaus resurrect him.

Rodrick has agreed to keep silent about the incident and was recently returned to his grateful mother.

Rodrick Kestle

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