A notorious necromancer and one of the most wanted men in Korvosa, he was believed to have stolen the body of Thousand Bones’ grandson. The party found and destroyed his lab in the Dead Warrens and retrieved the Shoanti boy’s body, but Rolth remained at large.

The party uncovered evidence that he was collaborating with an Urgathoan cult in Korvosa and may have unrequited feelings for the cult’s leader, Lady Andaisin.

The party encountered Rolth in the Urgathoan Temple beneath the Hospice of the blessed Maiden, where his necromantic powers proved damaging but insufficient. With Ser Arlynn and her flaming sword closing in from one side and an invisible Slim moving in for the kill from the other, Rolth decided that the Cult of Urgathoa was “no longer my style” and escaped via dimension door.

Rolth turned up in Kaer Maga, where he orchestrated an ambush of Arlynn, Slim, and Zandu. When the adventurers badly wounded him, he once again dimension doored away. Unfortunately, when he rematerialized at the Sorry Excuse, he discovered the rest of the Crimson Blades lounging in the inn’s common room. One flame strike later and the necromancer was no more.


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