A holy sword forged by Iomedae herself, foe to all Kuthites


Serithtial’s natural state is as a greatsword, but she can transform into whatever bladed weapon her wielder prefers.


A sacred weapon of the goddess Iomedae, Serithtial was forged to confront the agents of Zon-Kuthon wherever they lurked. She was borne into battle against the vile Kazavon by Mandraivus of Lastwall. But after the paladin’s death at the hands of orcs, Serithtial was claimed by the disgusting Kleestad, who fled with her deep into the earth beneath Scarwall, where she was entombed for eight hundred years until finally being freed by Zandu and given to Ser Arlynn to wield.

Serithtial is an intelligent sword, with a fondness for slicing open evil Kuthites and a low tolerance for tomfoolery.

Serithtial, wielded by Arlynn, finally destroyed the Crown of Fangs and vanquished the skeletal dragon Kazavon’s teeth conjured up. Despite this victory over its ancient nemesis, the sword prefers to stay in the field and continue to confront evil at every turn.


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