Sheira Astorian

A graceful and flamboyantly dressed half-elf maiden


An old friend of Flint, Sheira is a daughter of House Astorian. She and several of Flint’s other friends had gone missing in the days preceding the party’s attack on the Sunken Queen.

Flint, Arlynn, and Kyra came across Sheira while wandering lost in the Thassilonian Vault below Castle Korvosa. After rescuing the wounded half-elf from monsters, they learned that “Flint” had approached her and his other friends about venturing into the Vaults to steal the medallion from Ambassador Amprei. But they were attacked by a giant snake creature, Sheira’s brother Timmet was turned to stone, and the survivors scattered.

Sheira is eager to rescue her brother and her other friends, but for now has accompanied Flint, Arlynn and Kyra as they seek to reunite with the rest of the Crimson Blades.

Sheira Astorian

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