A former Breaching Festival contestant


A disheveled man in his 50s, Terentius was the sole contestant in the Breaching Festival of 4707. He entered the Hall of Wards as a young man and recent graduate of the Acadamae, but was trapped within the infernal pocket dimension that lay beyond.

After months of failed effort amid the loneliness and maddening torment of the plane, eventually Terentius sold his soul to the devil Chyvvom for an opportunity to escape. All he need do was recover his spellbook from the library. Unfortunately, the library books appeared to constantly reshuffle themselves, making it impossible to effective search the maze of shelves, and Terentius remained trapped, slowly going mad.

When the Crimson Blades entered the pocket dimension during the Breaching Festival of 4708, they encountered Terentius, for whom twenty years had passed. The adventurers realized that the wizard’s missing spellbook was actually outside the library in which Terentius was bound to remain. They ultimately returned it to him, fulfilling his contract and transporting him back to Korvosa.


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