Thousand Bones

A tall, rail-thin Shoanti man of 60 winters with milky white eyes


An influential shaman of the Skoan-Quah clan of Shoanti barbarians, Thousand Bones is in Korvosa to try to build support for a permanent piece between the city and the clans. However, his grandson Gaekhen was murdered during the violent hunt for Trinia Sabor and the body then sold to a necromancer, Rolth. Unless the body is returned in time to complete the Shoanti funerary rites, Thousand Bones warns that he cannot restrain his people from war.

The party stormed Rolth’s laboratory in the Dead Warrens and retrieved Gaekhen’s remains in time for the ritual to be performed, forestalling war and giving Thousand Bones more time to work for a lasting peace.

Thousand Bones

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