A masked robed swordfighter and "hero of the people"


Trifaccia is a slender human man dressed in black clothes and a long flowing hooded cloak. His features are obscured by a brass mask that features three faces in a row, the central one frontal and the side ones in profile. He wields a golden scimitar that flickers with fire.

In recent weeks, Trifaccia has made a name for himself as a self-appointed “hero of the people” battling violent rebels on the street and urging the citizenry to stand with the Queen. Cressida has told the party that these rebels are far, and likely so too is Trifaccia.

The Crimson Blades successfully lured him out into the open and he challenged one of their number to a duel. Ashla, in the guise of Blackjack, answered his call. In the duel that followed—which was as much brawl as battle—the half-elf gained the upper hand and ultimately slew the false hero, exposing him as an efreet in the process.


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