Trinia Sabor

A lithe beauty with innocent eyes and golden hair


A poor young artist living in the Shingles over Midland District, Trinia was commissioned to paint the portrait of the ailing King Eodred II, often spending hours alone in audience with him.

Queen Ileosa recently accused Trinia of poisoning the late King, setting off a race to capture her before an angry mob could tear her to pieces. Marshal Cressida sent the party into Midland to discreetly apprehend her, resulting in a lengthy chase across the Shingles as Trinia attempted to evade capture.

Finally apprehended by Ashla, the sobbing Trinia insisted she was being framed. Although the party safely smuggled her through the streets back to Cressida’s command post, they could not prevent Sabina from taking her into custody at Castle Korvosa.

Trinia was tried and found guilty of high treason, regicide, and conspiracy. She was sentenced to be executed in the public courtyard of Castle Korvosa, but the spectacle was interrupted by the arrival of Blackjack, who rescued her with the help of the party.

Blackjack left her in the care of Vencarlo Orisini, who kept her hidden at his fencing academy for several weeks before arranging for the party to help her slip out of the city. She is now on her way to the village of Harse, to lie low at the ranch of some friends of Vencarlo’s.

Trinia Sabor

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