Vencarlo Orisini

A tall man of advanced years with the vibrancy of one half his age


A renowned swordfighter, he operates a famous fencing school in Old Korvosa. Despite being an often outspoken critic of the government, he maintains a friendship with Field Marshal Cressida Kroft and often supplies her with intel from his network of contacts.

Vencarlo was once a mentor to both Grau and Sabina, until a falling out that he remains reluctant to speak of.

Vencarlo recently began tutoring Ashla in swordfighting and has proven a valuable source for rumors and intelligence.

As a favor to Blackjack, Vencarlo kept Trinia Sabor hidden for several weeks after her rescue from the botched execution. He subsequently asked the party to smuggle the girl out of the city.

Vencarlo is currently trapped behind the quarantine of Old Korvosa.

A message from the fencing master reached Cressida, warning that he had discovered sinister information about the Queen and urging the party to visit him at his home in Old Korvosa. However, the party found his house abandoned—save for two Red Mantis assassins who tried to kill them. In a hidden cache within the house, they also discovered Blackjack’s gear and equipment.

Vencarlo’s former student Amin Jalento connected the fencing master to notorious artist Salvator Scream. The painter subsequently explained that Vencarlo had been searching for the missing seneschal, Neolandis Kalepopolis, and may have attempted to rescue him from House Arkona.

Vencarlo was held captive in the Vivified Labyrinth at the behest of Glorio Arkona. Rescued from the Lady of the Labyrinth, he led the adventurers to the torture chamber where Neolandis was being held and then joined in their escape. After leading the party to Harse to regroup, Vencarlo is presently preparing to leave for Janderhoff with the Seneschal and Trinia.

Vencarlo Orisini

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