Vendra Loaggri

A thirty-something Chelish woman decked out in gaudy finery and fragrant perfumes


Owner and proprietress of Lavender, a popular perfume shop in Korvosa, Vendra began selling a potential cure to the Blood Veil soon after the plague broke out. She swiftly drew an enormous crowd, all eager to cure or inoculate themselves against the disease. At the request of Field Marshal Cressida Kroft and Ishani Dhatri, the party investigated Vendra’s operation, an inquiry that quickly escalated into a brawl.

After Vendra surrendered, the party was able to determine that her “cure,” Lavender’s Luxuriant Liniment, was just river water with some scented oil and purple dye thrown in. Vendra insisted that she believed the cure to be genuine, as several of her regular clients who were suffering from the Blood Veil recovered after taking her liniment.

Vendra was given into the custody of the Bank of Abadar, pending an investigation into whether there’s any chance that the river water in her liniment might have curative properties against the disease. Ashla tracked down the half a dozen people Vendra says were cured by her treatment and while all claimed it had a beneficial effect, some were clearly still suffering from the disease.

Weeks later, the party encountered Vendra on the road north of Korvosa, having been cleared of all charges thanks to their testimony. They successfully rescued her from a goblin ambush and she accompanied them up to Harse, where they parted ways.

Vendra Loaggri

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