A thirty-year-old Varisian woman with a roguish air about her


A distant cousin of Slim’s, she claims to have abandoned her roguish ways for a more legitimate life as a street performer. Unfortunately, this did not prevent the Queen’s Physicians from plucking her off Korvosa’s streets and hauling her below the Hospice of the Blessed Maiden to await experimentation by the Cult of Urgathoa.

Vittora is among those Varisians who have displayed immunity to the Blood Veil plague. Together with Slim and Ishani Dhatri, she pieced together that the immunity was due to their shared inheritance as descendants of Kasanda Foxglove.

Vittora has been brought up to speed on Slim’s troubled history in Cheliax. At his urging, she has fled the city for the village of Harse, carrying a message for the Little Wolf’s father.


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