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  • The Party

    Adventurers of diverse backgrounds, the Crimson Blades have assisted the Korvosan Guard on numerous occasions in the ongoing struggle to keep the city from sliding into anarchy. However, their

  • Organizations

    There are a number of influential groups within the city but not directly under the control of the Korvosan government or any of the temples.

    • Acadamae: This world-renowned university of

  • Monarchy


    The Korvosan monarchy is a relatively recent innovation in the city government, less than a century old, the result of the citys desire for status and stability after its abandonment by Cheliax. As a result, the monarchys

  • Brackwater Circle

    A small group of stubborn druids, they frequent Korvosas dock preaching the evils of civilization and urging fishermen to release their catches back into the water. Occasionally, their protests have become violent, reinforcing Korvosans

  • Iron Fists

    An order of Vudran warrior monks, they were forced to flee their homeland for Korvosa several years ago. Since then, they have worked as mercenaries, hiring themselves out as security for those bold or foolish enough to refuse paying the

  • Cerulean Society

    The official thieves guild of Korvosa, the Cerulean Society openly operates a protection racket for the merchants and nobles of the city. Each month, the Societys blue uniformed collectors visit all of the eligible clients in

  • Bekyar Nation

    A people native to the southern continent of Garund, their nation lies southwest of the jungles of the Mwangi Expanse, stretching from the Desolation Cape all the way north to the former Chelaxian colony of Sargava. The Bekyars are on average

  • Rat's Teat Boys

    A gang of wererats operating in the sewers of Korvosa, one of the few gangs to survive in that hostile environment for any length of time according to the scavenger Samp. They are quite

  • Korvosan Navy

    Korvosa maintains the largest navy in Varisia, based in the town of Veldraine at the mouth of Conquerors Bay. Although theoretically under the authority of the monarchy, the Navys

  • Hellknights

    Savagery must be quelled, in the land, home, and mind.
    Creed of the Hellknight Order of the Nail

    The Hellknights are a collection of knightly orders dedicated to the promulgation and enforcement of law and

  • Sczarni

    A coalition of Varisian crime families, the Sczarni can be found wherever Varisians gather in large numbers. The Sczarni see themselves as the truest Varisians, living off the foolishness of city-dwellers. Traditional Varisians, meanwhile, frown on

  • Red Mantis

    A secretive cabal of assassins that operates across Avistan. They are said to kill by contract, with the promise that whoever they eliminate stays dead. According to Irabeth, they may be

  • Bureaucracy

    Regulation and law dominate Korvosa and how it lives. The citys charter, an officially sanctioned document created by Emperor Halleck IV of Cheliax in 4406, bears 247 amendments. In addition, a thick

  • House Endrin

    Waydon Endrin first entered the pages of history as a middle-aged sergeant within an elite unit of Chelaxian marines hired to protect Admiral Mercatio Kiameleus ill-fated expedition to colonize