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  • Locations

    Korvosa  jewel of varisia

    Above is a view of Korvosa looking west towards Conquerors Bay, with the major

  • The Hinterlands and Abroad

    As the largest city-state of Varisia, Korvosas territory extends far beyond its city walls, from the Mindspin Mountains to the east to the shores of Lake Syrantula in the west and all the way

  • Cheliax

    Cheliax flag

    Once the seat of the greatest empire on the continent of Avistan and the center of worship for

  • The Shingles

    A relatively recent feature in Korvosas urban landscape, the Shingles came into being a few decades ago when residents of the overcrowded tenements of Old Korvosa

  • Nidal

    A cursed land shrouded in shadow, Nidal lies shackled under the grip of the Umbral Court, a theocratic cabal acting on behalf of the dark god Zon-Kuthon. The Midnight Lords influence in Nidal

  • Lands of the Linnorm Kings

    Nestled in the northwest tip of the great continent of Avistan, it is a frigid, rugged land of rich taiga, treacherous marches, and great bolder-strewn moraines left behind by departed glaciers. Frozen much of the year beneath layers of snow, it is a

  • Varisia

    A sprawling region caught between the southern nations of Cheliaxs old empire and the northern lands ruled by the Linnorm Kings, Varisia has long been considered a backwater. Although a relatively large stretch of Varisia has been settled by

  • Thassilon

    An ancient empire that occupied much of what is now Varisia many thousands of years ago, it was ruled by the decadent but god-like wizards known as runelords. Monuments to

  • Vudra

    Lying far to the west of Korvosa, Vudra is a vast peninsula on the supercontinent Casmaron. Also known as the Impossible Kingdoms, Vudra consists of more than one hundred semi-independent kingdoms ruled by rajahs. The native humans are known as Vudrani

  • North Point

    At the northeastern tip of mainland Korvosa, North Point was the first section of the mainland settled by the descendants of the citys Chelish founders. It is the center of trade and law in Korvosa.

  • South Shore

    The newest district officially added to the city, South Shores population consists mainly of the citys nouveau riche hoping to escape the cramped conditions elsewhere. A small enclave built specifically as an embassy for

  • Sewers

    Most cities have sewers. Some can even claim dungeons and deep caverns beneath them. No city, though, has a complex system of subterranean tunnels quite like Korvosa, which stands atop the remains of at least two other civilizations.


  • Veldraine

    A port town at the mouth of Conquerors Bay, it is the headquarters of Korvosas sizable navy and also hosts the only naval academy in

  • Belkzen

    Lying east of the Cinderlands, Belkzen is an unforgiving wasteland filled with shrub brush, steep mountains, and uneven badlands, where water is scarce and generally limited to the seasonal Flood

  • Lastwall

    The militant realm of Lastwall was founded centuries ago with a single purpose: to keep watch over the prison of Tar-Baphon, the Whispering Tyrant, defeated but not destroyed in the Shining Crusade. But that purpose is being eclipsed by Lastwalls

  • The Heights

    Standing atop Citadel Hill, the Heights District has a commanding view of the rest of the city, which its residents look down onboth figuratively and literally. Nearly all of Korvosas power players reside in the Heights, including the

  • Marbledome

    A gleaming exterior hides decay and mismanagement, as the opera company produces mediocre performances that bleed gold from House Jeggare. Located in

  • Harse

    A village north of Korvosa near the joining of the Sarwin and Falcon Rivers, it serves as an important crossroads for merchants from the Dwarven settlement of

  • Reformatorium

    A slumping mansion in The Heights neighborhood, for years it served as a reform school for the delinquent children of Korvosas elite. More than a decade ago, the academy fell on hard times,

  • Farima Townhouse

    The Farima family maintains a townhouse in The Heights District of Korvosa, the wealthiest district in the city. The two story townhouse serves as a second home for the family when they visit the

  • Riddleport

    The third-largest city in Varisia, Riddleport sits on the northwest coast of the frontier region, where it serves as a haven for pirates and brigands of all stripes. Also known as the City of Cyphers,

  • Janderhoff

    A Dwarven settlement in the Mindspin Mountains northeast of Korvosa, it is one of the legendary Sky Citadels founded by the Dwarves when they first reached the surface of Golarion. It is the only

  • Cinderlands

    The burning plains of the Storval Plateau are perhaps the most inhospitable locations in all of Varisia. This wasteland of ash and sand seems an unlikely place to find any life, but it is home to a

  • Magnimar

    Founded a century ago by Korvosan dissidents, Magnimar has flourished into the second-largest city in Varisia. Located in the southwest coast of the region where the Yondabakari River empties into the

  • Scarwall

    A notorious haunted castle in the Kodar Mountains of northern Belkzen, it was built centuries ago by the warlord Kazavon during his reign over the region. Scarwall has been abandoned since Kazavon

  • Mushfens

    The Mushfens are a vast swamp on the southern coast of Varisia, and the largest marsh in all of Avistan. Despite being located in close proximity to both the cities of

  • Kelesh

    The vast Padishah Empire of Kelesh dominates much of south-central Casmaron, along the Obari Oceans large Kardaji Bay. It grew during the Age of Destiny, and its line of emperors has been unbroken for thousands of years. The empire consists of