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The Master of the First Vault

The god of cities, law, merchants, and wealth, Abadar is guardian of the First Vault, which holds the perfect versions of everything ever created or seen by civilized peoples. He sets forth to further expand civilization and order among the peoples of Golarion, and with it the blessings of commerce and industry. He advocates cautious, careful consideration in all matters, and frowns on impulsiveness.

Abadar’s holy symbol is the golden key to the First Vault.

Abadar in Korvosa

The Bank of Abadar is the largest and most influential religious institution in Korvosa, with Abadar serving as the city’s unofficial patron deity. In addition to serving as a center for commerce, learning, and healing, the Bank also maintains several unique privileges. Deep within its vaults, the Bank of Abadar houses the Korvosan Mint where the city’s unique coins are stamped. The Bank also holds the sole right to verify and hear witness to contracts and oaths of fealty within the city. Priests of Abadar conduct regular inspections of the city-run orphanages to ensure than the children are being well-treated. And the Archbanker, Darb Tuttle, must give his assent to the monarch’s appointment or dismissal of the Field Marshal of the Korvosan Guard.

Followers of Abadar in Korvosa
  • Archbanker Darb Tuttle

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