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The Prince of the Nine Hells, Asmodeus is the god of contracts, pride, slavery, and tyranny. The most powerful of the nine archdevils, he is the only one to have attained true godhood. Some say that when the world was forged, Asmodeus wrote the contract of creation agreed to by all the gods.

Asmodeus believes in strict discipline, harsh punishments, and the strong ruling the weak—but he also prizes the act of negotiation and delights in deals that appear fair but give one party a distinct advantage. Of all the evil deities, he is the easiest to deal with—some say that makes him the most dangerous—and according to legend he did play a key role in the gods’ imprisonment of the world-destroying beast Rovagug.

Asmodeus’ unholy symbol is an inverted pentagram. It is rarely displayed openly outside of Cheliax and its client states.

Asmodeus in Korvosa

As the patron of the Thrice-Damned House of Thrune, Asmodeus is celebrated in Cheliax as a bringer of order and strength. But his faith has never quite caught on in Korvosa, despite repeated attempts by Chelaxian transplants. Most famously, Queen Domina—the mother of the late King Eodred II—financed a massive temple to Asmodeus in an attempt to curry favor with Cheliax. The ominous black building has never attracted a large congregation, but its priesthood remains politically connected and is perpetually competing with the Bank of Abadar for the latter’s privileges to witness contracts. There have been repeated allegations that the Temple of Asmodeus is connected to an underground slave trade in Korvosa, but searches by the Guard have never turned up any evidence.

The other major source of Asmodeus worship in the city is the Acadamae, which has fully embraced the new order in Cheliax and encourages the summoning and binding of devils by its students.

Followers of Asmodeus

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