Brackwater Circle

A small group of stubborn druids, they frequent Korvosa’s dock preaching the evils of civilization and urging fishermen to release their catches back into the water. Occasionally, their protests have become violent, reinforcing Korvosans’ already dim view of druids.

The circle was founded by Qoro, but he was recently ousted as leader at the instigation of Egan Silentall.

Members of the Brackwater Circle:
  • Faunra: An Elven druid and recent recruit to the circle, she was rescued from an Urgathoan sacrifice by the party.
  • Qoro: the half-orc leader of the circle, known for his short temper and passion for defending nature.
  • Antler Man: a human wearing an antlered deerskin who speaks only in Druidic and Deer.
  • Akko: Qoro’s son, he has run off with a Dwarven blacksmith’s apprentice named Thenra.

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Brackwater Circle

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