The Savored Sting

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The goddess of revenge, lust, and trickery, Calistria is often depicted as the ideal of elven beauty, accompanied by her favored creatures—giant wasps. Alternately alluring and vengeful, she is always maneuvering to attain a more advantageous position and encourages her followers to do the same. Her temples host a lively community of sacred prostitutes, each with his or her own contacts in the community.

The Savored Sting has no proper temple in Korvosa, but is among the gods honored at the Pantheon of the Many. The elven Embassy in the city also maintains a small chapel in her name and it is said that the Cerulean Society keeps a few of her priests on retainer.

Calistria’s holy symbol is the triple dagger, while her favorite colors are black and gold.

Followers of Calistria in Korvosa

(Calistria holy symbol credit: Hugo Solis)

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