Cayden Cailean

The Drunken Hero

The god of freedom, ale, wine, and bravery, Cayden Cailean was once a mortal human man who ascended to divinity by passing the test of the Starstone almost two thousand years ago. Originally a Taldan sellsword and freedom fighter working out of Absalom, his belief in the fundamental right of liberty over tyranny was as profound as his love for drink. The combination of the two resulted in a less-than-favorable reputation among potential employers.

Acting on a dare—some say from the goddess Calistria—Cayden Cailean took the test of the Starstone so blind drunk that when he emerged as a deity three days later he had no memory of how he’d accomplished the feat.

Cayden Cailean has lived his immortal life much as he did his mortal one. He holds freedom and adventure in high regard, and opposes tyranny and oppression on principle. He willingly accepts challenges when they are issued, although not as a point of honor; he sees no shame in retreating when necessary.

Cayden Cailean makes a point of avoiding trouble with his peers as much as possible, although he responds to challenges quickly, and has little patience for the less-benign divine powers. He particularly favors Desna, Sarenrae, and Shelyn, and has been known to keep the company of Calistria from time to time. He also gets on well with Torag, who shares his love of ale.

But despite his promotion of drink, Cailean’s faithful draw a line between drinking for merriment and drinking to excess. The latter is seen as the abuse of one of the deity’s favored things, and as such is frowned upon. Likewise, while the faithful of Cayden Cailean are known to actively seek out danger and adventure, they recognize the need to withdraw when a situation turns sour. Stupidity does not equal bravery, and bravery should never be sought at the bottom of a keg.

Cayden Cailean’s holy symbol is, naturally, an ale mug.

Cayden Cailean in Korvosa

The Lucky Drunk has a shrine in the Pantheon of the Many but most of his worshipers celebrate him in their cups at local taverns. He has a small but dedicated following in the city that is frowned upon as rowdy troublemakers by the authorities and the more orderly population.

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Cayden Cailean

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