Cerulean Society

The official thieves’ guild of Korvosa, the Cerulean Society openly operates a protection racket for the merchants and nobles of the city. Each month, the Society’s blue uniformed “collectors” visit all of the eligible clients in the Korvosa to politely request dues. Those that pay are protected from harm by the Society and its affiliates, while those who refuse are open to theft. The protection fees are based on a secret formula and can vary widely from business to business, ranging from ridiculously low to impossibly high.

The Korvosan Guard tolerates the thieves’ guild as a means of restraining and regulating crime. The practice began two centuries ago, and the Cerulean Society is merely the latest incarnation of the guild. The Society repays the Guard’s generosity by enforcing its own kind of peace on the city streets, contributing a portion of its fees to the city coffers, and cheerfully selling out any affiliate that crosses the line.

Officially, the Cerulean Society leaves most of the hands-on crime to a long list of registered gangs who pay annual tribute to the Society for their association. The Society coordinates with these groups to target individuals who have foregone the guild’s protection. Unofficially, the Society is said to have a monopoly on all the smuggling, drug-dealing, and illegal gambling operations in Korvosa.

The Cerulean Society appears to be backed by House Arkona. The recent turmoil among the Arkonas has impacted the Society, as well.

Cerulean Society Roster:
  • Kyra: a lieutenant in the Society, the fast-talking halfling woman operates out of the Sticky Mermaid tavern in Old Korvosa and can be reached at Twitcher’s in the Shingles.
  • Peaches: The scar-faced bouncer at the Sticky Mermaid. Deceased.

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Cerulean Society

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