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Once the seat of the greatest empire on the continent of Avistan and the center of worship for Aroden, the patron god of humanity, Cheliax today is but a shell of its former self, its proud imperial banners now just a sullen shroud for lost glory and discarded virtue. In its heyday, the empire was the crowning achievement of Chelish culture, spreading civilization and justice in every direction (whether it was wanted or not).

Aroden’s death a hundred years ago and the breaking of his prophecy, together with the cataclysms that followed, tore Cheliax apart. Outlying provinces split away or were abandoned while civil war ravaged the heart of the empire. Ultimately, the throne of the shrunken realm was claimed by the Thrice-Damned House of Thrune, diabolists whose infernal alliances paved their way to victory.

Her Imperial Magestrix Abrogail II of Thrune presently reigns over a realm cowed in fear and pledged to the worship of Asmodeus, Prince of the Nine Hells. While the Thrunes and their supporters pretend that a new day has dawned for the empire, a chilling oppression has settled upon the land. Hellknights patrol the streets by day, while darker things gyre about the skies at night. The Thrunes claim that in their dark dealings they are merely using Hell’s tools to advance Chelaxian interests in this new Age of Lost Omens, but it remains to be seen who is manipulating who.

The empire’s slide into darkness has been one of the most troubling developments on the already troubled world of Golarion. Although shrunken, Cheliax remains a great power on Avistan and is slowly but surely regaining its lost strength, amid murderous intrigues and ever more complex infernal dealings.

Cheliax and Korvosa

Korvosa was founded as a Chelaxian colony three hundred years ago at the height of the empire’s power. In the chaos following Aroden’s death, it was cut off from the rest of the empire for several years. By the time contact was restored, the Thrice-Damned House of Thrune was firmly entrenched in the imperial palace at Egorian.

Those most horrified by this development abandoned Korvosa for the city of Magnimar, leaving only Chelaxian loyalists behind. Unfortunately, the Thrunes had little interest in the distant colony, acknowledging its fealty but otherwise offering no support or oversight.

In the century since then, Korvosa has continued to pledge loyalty to Cheliax, but has never truly embraced the empire’s infernal new order. After a hundred years, many Korvosans are beginning to wonder whether they would truly welcome the return of direct imperial control.

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