Cow Hammer Boys

A gang of four deserters from the Korvosan Guard, they ostensibly followed Verik Vancaskerkin on his Quixotic mission to feed the poor of Korvosa. In secret, however, they hired themselves out as hit men and disposed of the bodies through the stocks of All the World’s Meat. This especially macabre approach was likely driven by the gang leader, Parns, who had formed a partnership with the Urgathoan priestess Lucra.

When the party attacked the butcher shop and killed two of the gang, Parns and his surviving comrade Karralo fled into the sewers. There they continued their work on behalf of Lucra, kidnapping and ritually butchering clerics from other faiths.

With the help of Grau Soldado and Remmy, the party was able to track the Cow Hammer Boys to their lair and slay both Parns and Lucra. Karralo was taken into custody and the gang’s two most recent kidnap victims, Pavo and Faunra, were freed.

The Cow Hammer Boys

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Cow Hammer Boys

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