Cult of Urgathoa

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A secret cabal worshiping the Pallid Princess, these devotees of undeath had a secret altar hidden within the Gold Ward of Korvosa’s Gray District that they recently abandoned. Based on the scraps of documents left behind, the cult is led by a woman known as Lady Andaisin. They appear to be allied with Rolth the necromancer, though he has not made a good impression on Lady Andaisin.

The cult has embarked on some great project in recent weeks, coinciding roughly with the arrival of the quarantine ship and the outbreak of Blood Veil in Korvosa.

Evidence discovered aboard the wreck of the Direption suggests a link between the Cult of Urgathoa, the Blood Veil, and the Queen’s Physicians.

The party’s investigation of the Hospice of the Blessed Maiden and the Vault below have confirmed that Dr. Davaulus and the Queen’s Physicians are acting hand-in-glove with the Urgathoans to develop and spread the plague.

After storming the hidden Urgathoan temple, the party put the cult and its leader to the sword.

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Cult of Urgathoa

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