The Great Dreamer


The goddess of dreams, stars, travelers, and luck, Desna is one of the most ancient deities. It is said that while her fellow gods worked to create Golarion, Desna spent her time building the heavens. She and her followers revel in exploring the world.

Desna is often considered the patron god of Varisians and many Halflings count themselves among her faithful. Indeed, there are few who traverse the roads who wouldn’t spare her a prayer or a simple-worded plea for benediction. She is also favored by gamblers and risk-takers of all stripes, who pray that the Lady of Luck will smile upon them.

Temples of Desna are few and far between, with most locations dedicated to the goddess being no more than roadside shrines erected in her honor; her faithful often leave markings and dedications in newly discovered areas and secluded locales. Those few temples that do exist often serve as observatories and are as open to the night sky as possible.

Desna’s interactions with the other gods are somewhat limited, as her desire for independence precludes any entangling relationships. She despises Lamashtu for murdering her mentor, and is in a perpetual struggle with Zon-Kuthon and Rovagug over control of the night. She is known to have good relations with Sarenrae and Shelyn, while Cayden Cailean is said to be a suitor of hers.

Desna’s holy symbol is a stellar butterfly.

Desna in Korvosa

The Great Dreamer has a shrine in the Pantheon of the Many but most of her worshipers celebrate her with smaller shrines in their own homes. She has a strong following among the city’s Varisian and halfling populations.

(Desna holy symbol credit: Hugo Solis)

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