Eel's End

A tangle of five ships permanently moored at a pier on the eastern tip of Old Korvosa, it is under the authority of Devargo Barvasi, the so-called King of Spiders.

The four smaller ships at Eel’s End are the Goldenhawk (a cheap hostel/safehouse), the Twin Tigers (a gambling hall), the House of Clouds (a brothel), and the Dragon’s Breath (a drug den).

The largest ship at the far end of the pier, the decommissioned warship Eel’s End, is the lair of the King of Spiders. It’s top deck is a site of raucous frivolity, while Devargo maintains a throne room in the aft cabin, attended by his lackeys and his spiders. Below decks, it is rumored, is the source of much of the city’s supply of shiver.

Devargo pays an annual vice tax to keep his businesses legitimate, though it is no secret that he has connections to the more explicitly criminal underworld.

The vice den was ultimately shattered by the death of its patron Devargo Barvasi and the sinking of the Eel’s End.

Eel’s End inhabitants:

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Eel's End

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