Gray District


The smallest district in the city, Gray District is the graveyard of Korvosa. It is surrounded by high walls to contain any restless dead and is rigorously patrolled by Pharasma’s faithful, who maintain their Grand Cathedral in the district’s center. Despite the church’s best efforts, the Gray District and the crypt’s below it can be a dangerous place, especially at night.

Potter’s Ward

The poorest citizens of Korvosa ultimately end up here, where their bodies are unceremoniously dumped in mass graves, their names chiseled by the thousands onto the black marble walls facing the ward.

According to Thousand Bones, the Potter’s Ward sits atop an ancient Shoanti burial ground known as the Dead Warrens.

Everyman Ward

The resting place of the majority of Korvosa’s citizens, everyone from simple fisherman to wealthy merchants can find a place here—if they can afford it.

Gold Ward

The burial grounds for Korvosa’s nobility, as well as past leaders of Sable Company and the Korvosan Guard, it is riddled with impressive mausoleums. Notably absent are the tombs of Korvosa’s monarchs, who are buried instead in the Vaults below Castle Korvosa.

Grand Cathedral of Pharasma

This heavily fortified black marble structure serves as barracks, fortress, and church for Bishop Keppira d’Bear and her followers. Surrounded by a fenced square of holy ground housing the graves of clerics and paladins, the Cathedral has served as a bastion against undead uprisings on more than one occasion.

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Gray District

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