Gray Maidens

Gray maiden

An all-female military force that answers only to Queen Ileosa, the Gray Maidens were organized after the attempt on the Queen’s life at her coronation. Since then, the force has aggressively recruited, poaching the best women from Sable Company and the Korvosan Guard with promises of higher pay and faster advancement. The Gray Maidens are commanded by General Sabina Merrin, the Queen’s handmaiden, bodyguard, and rumored lover.

The Gray Maidens wear distinctive polished plate mail, faceless helms with red plumes, and brilliant red capes. Compared to the ordinary Guardsmen and Sable Company Marines, they are heavily armed and armored, with a striking appearance that immediately draws attention and commands respect from the citizenry.

In the Hospice of the Blessed Maiden, the party crossed swords with a squad of Gray Maidens and discovered that each of them had had their faces horrifically mutilated through a process of deliberate torture. Their friend Remmy seemed obsessed with serving the Queen.

Members of the Gray Maidens

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Gray Maidens

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