“Savagery must be quelled, in the land, home, and mind.”
—Creed of the Hellknight Order of the Nail

The Hellknights are a collection of knightly orders dedicated to the promulgation and enforcement of law and order above all else. As one might expect given their origins in Cheliax, the Hellknights model themselves on the most organized and effective armies in all the planes: the legions of the Nine Hells. They do not endorse the morality of Hell, merely its efficiency.

Hellknights take a harsh, unwavering approach to enforcing the law that—combined with their intimidating black full plate—causes most people to go out of their way not to incur the knights’ wrath.

Each order of Hellknights is commanded by a Lictor, who presides over an elaborate hierarchy of officers, enlisted, and cadets.

Hellknights in Korvosa

Although the majority of Hellknights operate in Cheliax, the Hellknight Order of the Nail was coaxed to settle near Korvosa some thirty years ago by the old Queen Domina Arabasti. She hoped that the Order’s presence would improve relations with Cheliax and also help stabilize Korvosa’s southern border.

The Order of the Nail made its headquarters at Citadel Vraid in the Mindspin Mountains south of the city. While they patrol the Hinterland combating banditry and goblin raids, the Hellknights only venture into Korvosa at the invitation of the monarch—for a steep price.

Queen Ileosa Arabasti contracted the Hellknights to restore order in Korvosa in the wake of her husband’s death, but the Order took heavy losses from the Blood Veil plague and had to abandon the city.

In the months since, the Hellknights have come to view Ileosa as a tyrannical usurper and have called for reinforcements to aid in her ouster. Their appeals to Cheliax fell on deaf ears, until Lord Aquilos Nox, with a little help from Freya Mikkelsdotter, persuaded the Order to assist in a general uprising against the Queen.

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