House Arkona

House arkona

An ancient Chelaxian noble house, the Arkonas escaped financial ruin two hundred and fifty years ago by gambling everything on a risky trading mission to the Impossible Kingdoms of Vudra. The gamble paid off as their lone trading vessel, the Reprieve, returned with enough spices and luxuries to make them the second-richest house in Korvosa overnight. The family worked quickly to turn its trading route to the Impossible Kingdoms into a massive merchant empire.

As the money poured in the Arkonas grew decadent and eccentric, a reputation that the current lord of the house, Glorio Arkona is trying to shake. Since taking the reins of the house several years ago, he has attempted at every opportunity to lift up the poor and provide them with enough sustenance to survive. These actions have made Glorio the most popular nobleman among the city’s many poor and destitute.

One thing Lord Glorio has yet to successfully dismiss are the rumors that have dogged the family alleging strong ties to organized crime in Korvosa. The saying goes that nothing occurs in the back alleys or stinking vaults of Old Korvosa without House Arkona knowing about it.

While the other great houses abandoned Old Korvosa years ago for safer and more prosperous districts elsewhere, House Arkona remains ensconced in their massive black marble palace on Endrin Isle. The family is inextricably tied to Old Korvosa, for both good and ill.

Under the quarantine, House Arkona offered the only semblance of order, deploying its guards to patrol the streets of the Fort Korvosa ward. But Lord Glorio found himself without the resources to overthrow the self-proclaimed Emperor of Old Korvosa, who has seized control of much of the Old Dock ward. Glorio enlisted the aid of Crimson Blades to eliminate the false emperor, but the adventurers soon turned against him.

Glorio was ultimately defeated by his cousin Vimanda Arkona, with help from the Gray Maidens, and exposed as a rakshasa impostor. Despite being weakened by the turmoil, the fate of House Arkona now rests with Vimanda.

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House Arkona

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