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Waydon Endrin first entered the pages of history as a middle-aged sergeant within an elite unit of Chelaxian marines hired to protect Admiral Mercatio Kiameleu’s ill-fated expedition to colonize Varisia.

Their ships dropped anchor at the mouth of what would later be known as the Jeggare River in the early spring of 4407 AR. Endrin and the other marines set up a defensive camp on a small island in the river delta. When a flotilla of Shoanti barbarians launched an attack to repel the outlanders, Admiral Kiameleu ordered a full retreat, stranding Waydon and the other marines on the island.

But with help from the rogue frigate Captain Keyra Pallin, Waydon managed to fight a seemingly hopeless siege battle that lasted for months until the arrival of Field Marshal Jakthion Korvosa’s expedition scattered the Shoanti. Endrin was one of only a dozen surviving marines, and was promoted and placed in charge of the defensive fortifications by the Field Marshal. The survivors named the place Fort Korvosa, in honor of the man who had saved them.

It took more than a quarter century for the empire to recognize the great accomplishments and service of Waydon Endrin. The emperor granted the family a noble title in 4456, making his son Lucien the first Lord Endrin. Like his father before him, Lucien sacrificed himself in defense of the city he loved in 4462. He was succeeded by his cousin Ponchus, who went to the grave in the same way as his predecessors, firmly establishing a tradition of service and sacrifice the family continues to this day.

House Endrin has produced more Commandants of the Sable Company (12 of 30) and Field Marshals of the Korvosan Guard (8 of 18) than any other house. Since the founding of Korvosa, it has also gone through the most lords and ladies, all of whom served in the military and more than half of whom died in combat or from injuries sustained therein.

House Endrin has suffered greatly during the dark times that have befallen Korvosa since the death of King Eodred II Arabasti. The House’s firstborn son and heir Marcus Thalassinus Endrin, Commandant of Sable Company, was slain during an attempted assassination of Queen Ileosa and branded a traitor. His sister, Valeria, meanwhile, was tortured and brainwashed into being one of the Queen’s loyal Gray Maidens. Their parents, Lord Marcellano and Lady Vibia Endrin, perished defending the district of East Shore from boggards during the Battle of the Jeggare River. The lordship passed to Marcus’ younger brother Telus ‘Flint’ Endrin, who has sought to repair relations with his estranged sister, obtain justice for his family, and rebuild the House’s fortunes, all while grappling with the antics of a group of identical clones.

Despite its small size and relatively recent entitlement, House Endrin controls considerable influence in the city due to its strong alliances with other founding and military houses. It has strong ties to House Jeggare, thanks to some early marriage alliances.

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House Endrin

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