House Jeggare

House Jeggare is an ancient and wealthy noble house found across the entire extent of Avistan, although centered in Cheliax.

The cadet branch of House Jeggare in Korvosa descends from a nephew of the famous philanthropist Montlarion Jeggare. It controls the second-largest share of dock space in Korvosa, allowing the family to generate an enormous income through its brisk trade. Nearly a quarter of the city’s privately held assets are controlled by the family, making it not only a powerful and influential noble house but also the wealthiest.

The Jeggares pride themselves on being Korvosa’s chief patron of the arts and culture, sponsoring the Marbledome Opera House and operating the Jeggare Museum.

House Jeggare survives the sometimes cutthroat politics of Korvosa by keeping a line of credit open for the monarch and other noble families, and by acting as the chief financial backer of both the Korvosan Guard and the Sable Company.

The current head of House Jeggare in Korvosa is Lord Montayn Jeggare, a man of middle years whose dark hair is beginning to fleck with gray. His younger brother Mercival serves as Curator of the Jeggare Museum.

Members of House Jeggare

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House Jeggare

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