House Zenderholm

Zenderholm_coa.jpgHouse Zenderholm arrived in Korvosa at the tail-end of the great influx of Chelish immigrants, a small House seeking new opportunity on the frontier. Two hundred years ago, during the civil strife known as the Cousins’ War, the Zenderholms were early supporters of the loyalists. Lord Lacertus Zenderholm personally headed his own private army in support of the Korvosan Guard, which led to his death in the last weeks of the conflict. His daughter then leveraged her father’s loyalty and bravery into political power within the town, culminating in the family’s elevation to Great House status. Today, House Zenderholm members serve the city as arbiters, magistrates, lawyers, and diplomats.

The House is currently headed by Lady Zenobia Zenderholm, who also serves as Korvosa’s Chief Arbiter of Laws, where she has developed a reputation of being harsh but fair. Outside of the court, “Zena” (as her many friends call her) volunteers her time to help the victims of violent crimes recover from their ordeals.

She also serves as a middle-ranking cleric of Abadar, and has been known to call upon divination magic to help her discern the truth in cases, as well as she provides priceless legal advice (for free) to clerics and devout worshipers of the god of cities.

Members of House Zenderholm

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House Zenderholm

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