Kaer Maga

Standing atop one of the highest spots of the Storval Rise, the cliff-top city of Kaer Maga is built inside the ruins of an ancient fortress: a six-sided ring of 80-foot-high seamless stone, stretching more than a half mile in diameter and topped with towers of every shape and design.

Also known as the Asylum Stone, Kaer Maga has served as a refuge for exiles, misfits, and ne’er-do-wells fleeing persecution and prosecution for thousands of years, and is known throughout Golarion as a place where anyone can fit in, and where anything can be bought and sold. The city is perched on the divide between the lowlands claimed by Korvosa and the Cinderlands inhabited by the Shoanti tribes.

Ser Irabeth was brought here by orcish slavers from Belkzen, where she was sold to a group of Bekyars who smuggled her south into Korvosa.

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Kaer Maga

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