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The Korvosan Guard serves the city of Korvosa first, the Queen second, and the Bank of Abadar third. It works closely with city leaders and the Archbanker of Abadar to maintain order in Korvosa, acting most often like a police force but turning into a military organization whenever the city is threatened by external forces. The Guard also coordinates carefully with Sable Company and the Hellknights to ensure success in joint operations.

Descended from the Chelaxian army troops that wrested the region from the Shoanti, the Guard has a long and proud history of service to the city. Its operations are supported by the Bank of Abadar and its ranks include clerics and paladins of the city god. The Guard’s membership, while predominantly Chelish, does include soldiers from every civilized race, even Varisian and Shoanti. However, advancement to the highest positions is restricted to those of Chelish blood.

By Charter Amendment, the Field Marshal of the Korvosan Guard is appointed by the monarch on the advice of the Archbanker of Abadar. The current Field Marshal, Cressida Kroft, was appointed by King Eodred II. Cressida’s practice of hiring mercenaries and adventurers to aid the Guard’s efforts has attracted some criticism from city elites.

Riots and plague have drastically sapped the Guard’s manpower, leaving little more than a skeleton force in place. Increasingly, the city has come to rely on the Order of the Gray Maidens to keep the peace.

Members of the Korvosan Guard

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Korvosan Guard

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